Summer Swimming Adventures Thanks Konfidence (AD)

Summer Swimming Adventures Thanks Konfidence (AD)

*We are working with Konfidence as Swimologists this is unpaid featuring gifted PR Samples

It’s almost time for the school summer holidays, and I am really looking forward to them this year. I like the slower pace, no school runs and the quality time I get to spend with both children. This year we have lots of plans and a goal list we are hoping to achieve, and hopefully, this will see us spending lots of summery days down by the beach and out in the pool. As part of our role with Konfidence as Swimologists, we were sent some goodies that are really going to come in handy.

Swimming Update

As I have mentioned previously, we never did swimming lessons with Henry when he was a baby. It is my biggest regret as a parent so far. I was determined not to make that mistake again, and I have really been loving taking Hugo to his Puddle Ducks classes each week.

When he first started swimming, he took to the water immediately. He adores splashing around and is always smiley at the other children. He went from having never been in the water much to jumping in off the float, dipping his head underwater and blowing bubbles every week without batting an eyelid.

One of the biggest things I have been asked since starting Hugo’s swimming classes is what does Hugo wear? I must say I was nervous about this myself. Most pools have a standard two-layer swim nappy policy and a really comfortable combination for Hugo has been an AquaNappy with a NeoNappy Swim Nappy Cover on top. Over that he wears his Babywarma Wet Suit which is really easy to get on because of the Velcro side and is comfortable to wear! I always have the Roll & Go Neoprene Baby Swimming Changing Mat in the swim bag too, which is warm and comfortable for changing them! One of my biggest anxieties was around changing Hugo in and out of his pool wear, but this really simplifies the process.

Summer Adventures

Despite Henry not having any swimming lessons as a baby, he is doing really well with his swimming now. He is becoming more and more confident in the water and is really liking diving under and swimming whereas a year ago he hated going underwater. I’m hoping to take the boys swimming at least twice a week in preparation for our holiday at the end of August.

Henry wants to practice his diving, and he is excited to use the Konfidence DiveStiks, and he even wants to have a go at bodyboarding in the sea when we go away later in the year! His Konfidence Shorty Wetsuit will be perfect for then!

Hugo likes playing in the water whether it’s on a float or with his Floating & Flashing Blinkies or Neoprene Ball we have been using them to encourage those reaching arms and kicking legs between his swimming classes. They are so handy to chuck in our swim bag, and they really get him excited about being in the water.

We are really enjoying being Swimologists with Konfidence and looking forward to some swimming adventures this summer. Swimming really is an essential skill, and I love seeing my children enjoy it!

If you want to have some swimming adventures this Summer you can get 10% off the Konfidence website if you *click this link and enter this code at check out: Swimbass0E9

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*We are working with Konfidence as Swimologists this is unpaid featuring gifted PR Samples

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