As Normality Resumes I Hope These Things Remain

As Normality Resumes I Hope These Things Remain

Listen, like many people; I have longed for the day we can cease mask-wearing and social distancing. I want the freedom to go abroad on holiday, and I want the presence of Covid to disintegrate. In many ways, I want normality to return. Not this new normal the life we had before, except I hope in the process of returning, we don’t lose some of the things we have gained along the way.

Telephone & Video Appointments

For years I have been begging my GP surgery and hospital to try telephone and video appointments. Travelling to the hospital for me takes over an hour one way. Fitting this in with the school runs all for a 15-minute consultation seems like a waste of everyone’s energy. Yes, face-to-face appointments are essential at times, but if we kept these to the minimum for those who really needed them or those who prefer them, it would make the organisation of things much better. If you could eliminate the travel and wait time for your appointment, it would mean it was far less of an inconvenience. Plus, if the clinic is running late – which for me is often – you wouldn’t have to wait in the waiting room, killing time. You could be productive and comfortable in your own home.

I know this solution isn’t ideal for everyone, but a telephone or video consultation will suffice for 90% of my medical needs. I’ve even been having physio via video feed, and it’s not only been beneficial but there has been no disruption travelling to appointments. When Covid happened, GP surgeries and hospitals were forced to pivot and adapt. I hope that when normality resumes, we don’t lose this benefit.

Video Parents Evening

Like many schools across the country, my son’s school was unable to take part in a traditional parents evening. So instead, we had a video appointment. I know this isn’t ideal for everyone, but for us, it meant that we could both attend parents evening, something we have struggled with since Hugo was born. We don’t have childcare, so it means someone has to stay at home with Hugo. Sometimes if one of us has already had work commitments, it has meant Hugo has had to come with us. This is distracting at best. Having a video parents evening meant that Hugo was in bed, and we could give Henry’s teacher our full attention. It made things much more accessible for us.

When we resume normality, I hope this is one thing that they consider keeping for the families that really benefit from it.

Digital Meetups

I get it. Zoom fatigue is real. However, I like the accessibility of digital meetups. Not having to travel for miles to attend an event has been a huge benefit. It means that I can still commit to other things because my time isn’t absorbed through travelling alone. If I’m honest pre-Covid travelling to an event would often be the reason I wouldn’t attend. It’s not that I don’t want to travel ever again but sometimes having a digital meetup is more beneficial – especially as commuting to a big city can take the whole day.

Although I am looking forward to meeting people in person again, I do hope digital meetings aren’t abandoned altogether.

Fewer Crowds

The number one benefit for me through Covid has been the lack of crowds at busy places. I know this isn’t ideal for businesses, but having an organised structure resulting in less crowded areas has been a huge benefit for me. Noone likes a massive crowd. It’s unpleasant, and I feel rushed and overwhelmed. I like having to book things in advance to some extent. I know that once we resume normality, this will change. I just hope there is still some order and sen=mblence.

There Is No One Size Fits All

Before you come at me, I appreciate that all of these points benefit me and my lifestyle, and for other people, that isn’t the case. This is my opinion and mine alone. I don’t think everything should change to one strict way, but I think it would be beneficial if we had some flexibility to suit everyone – don’t you agree?

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Love as always!

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