Autumn 2017 – Nice To Meet You!

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So, when I woke up this morning there was frost on my windows which to me signifies the sorry passing of Summer and the fully fledged welcoming of Autumn 2017.

Farewell Summer

Summer 2017 was kind but short. I felt like we had so many plans but we needed more time. Henry went back to school and started year one a few weeks ago straight after his sixth birthday! Despite the fact that the Summer wasn’t as hot as I would have liked or as long as I hoped for it was still one of the best ones yet!

Autumn 2017

Autumn is my favourite time of year with the crunchy leaves and beautiful colours everywhere. I am also a huge pumpkin fan and I like wearing Ugg boots so you know I’m basic as they come! I like Autumn because I feel that everything slows down and I hope that the same can be said for Autumn 2017. I like those cosy nights on the sofa when the dark nights come in, wearing jumpers and scarves and cute woolly hats and drinking cups of hot chocolate by the fire.

Autumn is that chance to catch your breath before Christmas. It gives you a feel of the cold but doesn’t drag you too fast from the Summer warmth. We can share homely meals with friends and family and go pumpkin picking and celebrate Halloween. It really is one of my favourite times of the year!

What are your plans for Autumn 2017? What are your views on trick-or-treating?

Colder Weather

So even though the frost was at my windows and I am wearing a jumper today for both fashion and necessity – I am excited for Autumn 2017 I think that this one will be one of the best ones yet!

This time of year, always sparks a big debate though over turning on your central heating! I know a few people that have caved already but it seems too early for me!! I like feeling the chill a little it just makes time to snuggle under blankets however I hate feeling too cold!! We always try and make it until Bonfire Night but usually cave at Halloween! One year we almost made it to December! The worst bit is getting out of bed when it is cold! That is an absolute motivation killer for sure!!

I definitely think it is largely mind over matter and it often feels colder than it really is! When do you normally turn your heating back on?

Autumn 2017

Thank you so much for stopping by have a great day!!

Love as always!

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