Homework – Should Children be Set Homework?


Henry progressed into Year One at the beginning of September. I can’t actually believe that he has already been in school one whole year. During his time in Reception he learnt to read and not just a few words he can now read whole books and write whole sentences. As a Mother I am incredibly proud and of course I want to do everything in my power to encourage and support his learning both in school and at home. Despite that when Henry came home with his first piece of homework I was still surprised!

Children & Homework

Kids spend a large portion of their day in school – learning. Should children have to come home and continue that work in the form of homework? At what age I homework appropriate? I ultimately believe it depends on the amount of homework and the age of the child. I honestly didn’t expect Henry to be set homework in year one but really why not? So far, he has been set a couple of piece that take maybe half an hour at the most and we make sure it is done on the Friday when it is set and then it is finished and out of the way.

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I have heard of children getting set excessive amounts of homework though and I have to agree that this doesn’t sit that well with me. As parents, we should certainly want to extend that learning environment from the classroom and encourage our children to be the best that they can but I am not entirely sure that sitting at home for hours doing additional work is the way to do that.

On the flip side, I do know parents that refuse to do any homework with their children and simply don’t agree with it. Their motto is that work is for school. I strongly disagree with that and if we insist that once a child finishes for the day the learning stops then what are we instilling in them for when they leave school?

So, Should Children Get Homework?

Personally, I feel that if the homework is appropriate for the age of the child and not excessive then it absolutely should be set. We as parents should be encouraging and supporting our children with this side of their learning. If the amount of homework Henry was being set was deemed excessive and it was encroaching on our family time together then I would consider stepping in. I honestly believe a little homework is only a good thing!

Should children be set homework?

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  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle
    9th October 2017 / 6:59 pm

    I know I’m in the minority but I don’t agree with homework for young children. I believe it’s probably necessary for older ones in order to recap over their own week points and revise for exams, but I honestly think primary children shouldn’t get it as a matter of course and we’ve never made any of ours ever do any. I just think little kids have so much more to learn anyway – play a game or read a book, garden and bake – it’s all learning 🙂

    • sophiegw
      11th November 2017 / 1:14 pm

      I have to agree with that. I think that they learn so much more from actually doing than they do from sitting down with formal work. In fact I would argue that Henry learns more over the Summer holidays than he does all year at school!

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