Cleaning Up The Language You Use

Cleaning Up The Language You Use

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the language you are using? Does it lean towards positivity or negativity? Did you know that the type of language you use can significantly impact the outcome of your day? It affects how people perceive and respond to you and can even change your whole mood.

Is the Language We Use Really That Important?

The short answer is yes. If you are constantly using language which has a negative connotation, then you will be perceived as being negative – even if that wasn’t the intention. If your language is continuously focusing on the glass being half empty, then that is precisely what you will attract more of.

Stop Using Phrases Like I Can’t

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to cleaning up your language is to stop using phrases like “I can’t.” If your instant response to someone asking you to do something challenging is “I can’t”, then you really have some work to do on cleaning up your language. Try and remove this phrase altogether because it’s just a dead stop that will prevent you from progressing forward.

But What If I Can’t

Sometimes you just can’t, right? Yet if we remove this phrase from our language, how can we make this point. Try flipping the answer around to what you can do. For example, instead of:

“I can’t do XYZ.”
“What I could do is this ….”

Try analysing what the other person wants to achieve and see how you can help them achieve that and then offer that as a solution. If you can’t flip the response into an alternative, try just preventing the response from being a dead stop. For example, instead of just:

“I can’t.”
“I can’t do that particular task, but I’d love to assist you in some other way.”

Your Language Can Change Your Mood

If your language is negative, then your mood will be impacted. You will find that you feel more negative, and your mood slumps. Something as simple as changing the type of language you use can make a big difference in how you feel. Nobody wants to feel down and miserable, and of course – happiness is a choice. Cleaning up your language and consciously choosing a more positive approach will make you feel better.

Of Course, There Are Exceptions

There is a time and a place for specific language and used correctly; it is effective and impactful as needed. You don’t want to say the opposite of what you mean or become someone that just always says yes. The main point is to not slip into always coming from a place of ‘I can’t’ etc. If you always turn up to the office board meeting and answer every ask with resistance and blocks, you will be known as a negative Nigel, a non-team player and someone who is simply not prepared to row in the boat. Now I’m sure this isn’t the aim of your answers, but the type of language you use makes it come across this way. By simply cleaning up the language you use, you’ll see a big difference in the kinds of responses you receive. Give it a try. Ask yourself am I coming from a place of resistance, or am I helping provide alignment and flow.

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