Hair Care Tips – Fine Thin Hair

Hair Care Tips

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If I’m honest I’ve always had issues with my hair. I wasn’t blessed with a flowing mane of healthy hair. My hair is fine, thin and there isn’t a whole lot of it. I realise I’m not the only one with these ‘dilemmas’ so here are some tips I’ve found useful when it comes to hair care.

Hair Care Tips

Overnight Treatment

There are so many overnight hair care treatments on the market but if like me you have fine hair too much product can actually weigh your hair down and make you look and feel a million times worse about it. A good overnight treatment can really breathe a new lease of life into your hair though and the best thing I have found to work is coconut oil. I coat my hair generously in some organic coconut oil making sure I massage into the scalp. Then I wrap my hair in a small towel (so it doesn’t ruin my pillows) and leave it on until morning. When I wake up I wash my hair in the shower making sure I shampoo twice to remove any oil residue. I dry and style my hair as normal. I love treating my hair to this at least once a month because it leaves my locks looking healthy nourished and soft.

Invest in a Good Brush

Dependant on what hair type you have depends on the type of hair brush you need. If you use the incorrect type of hairbrush for your type of hair you can actually do more damage than good. For a long time this was information I wasn’t privy to and meant that I often used a brush that was ‘too harsh’ for my hair type. I really started to notice it after I had my son Henry and even more now I am pregnant again. If I use a brush with fixed bristles I find that it pulls out and damages a lot of my hair which is something I really could do without. Since I don’t have a huge amount of hair it’s important to make sure that I aren’t causing any unnecessary damage to it which is why I now opt for a soft bristled brush. My hair is much more grateful and I’ve noticed a huge reduction in hair loss since changing over.

Hair Care Tips

Paraben Free Shampoo

Last year I had tape hair extensions fitted and was advised not to use shampoo that contained parabens or it could void the hairs warranty. As you can imagine hair extensions are not cheap so I wanted to make sure that I followed the guidelines to prolong the life and warranty of the hair. Before this time, I had never heard much about paraben free shampoo so I did some research.

Parabens are added to shampoo and other cosmetics to increase the shelf life of the product. They have been linked to skin reactions and irritations as well as causing damage to the hair follicles itself. Shampoo not containing parabens can actually keep the hair moisturised which in turn prevents hair breakage. Even though I have had my hair extensions removed I still wash my hair using paraben free shampoo where available as I have noticed a difference in the manageability and condition compared to other products.

Silk Pillow Cases

When we toss, turn or roll over in our sleep the friction against our pillow can cause damage and hair loss. I was beginning to notice some hair loss on my pillow in the mornings and my hair would also feel damaged. I switched to a silk pillow case which eliminates the friction element and since doing so I have noticed my hair loss reduced and my hair is far less damaged.

Despite best efforts to protect and look after our hair sometimes whether hormonal or genetic we are just not blessed. I have been researching hair solutions and treatments and I was really reassured to find that there are solutions out there.

Are you like me with thin, fine hair? What are your hair care tips and tricks?

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*Please Note: This is a paid post collaboration

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