How Golf Can Help your Mental Health

How Golf Can Help your Mental Health

Most people will experience low mood at some point in life. For most people this period passes without problem but for others living with these feelings is a very real issue. There are many different ways to combat low mood and depression but not everything will work for everyone. The NHS website has some great information, advice and treatment for low mood and depression. One of the suggestions that can help is undertaking some form of exercise. Golf in particular has been known to be beneficial to a person’s mental health and here is why.

Mental Health, Low Mood & Depression

I’ve spoken openly about my mental health and how depression has touched my life. Right now, I’m in the best place mentally that I’ve ever been but reaching this point has been a long and challenging road. Opening up about my depression made me realise how common feeling depressed and anxious is. Before long I had people reaching out saying they felt the exact same way. Depression is different for everyone and what helps one person can hinder another but it’s important to remember that there are things you can do to feel better.

Personally, the idea of exercising when I was feeling so low wasn’t initially appealing. After speaking to other people suffering with low mood and depression they often said the same thing. Exercise can be really beneficial to a person’s mental health so If you can find an activity that you enjoy you may find that it has a positive impact on how you feel.

How Golf Can Help your Mental Health

Golf can be extremely beneficial to a person’s mental health as it incorporates gentle exercise, mental stimulation and some good old fashioned fresh air. Golf has so many options making it easy to achieve the most appropriate scenario for the needs you have in that moment for example:


  • Being outside in an open space can really get you out of your own head and blow away the cobwebs.


  • Getting some fresh air and enjoying some sunshine can really have a positive impact on your mood.


  • Golf is also a quiet sport that requires little interaction with others making it easy to play alone. In the same sense, it can be played with a group for a social aspect if you prefer.


  • An open green can give you time to think or if you prefer not to think you can concentrate on the game and have a break from your thoughts.

How Golf Can Help your Mental Health

Getting Started

The great thing about golf is that you only need some essentials to get started and most of these can be easily and affordably hired from the venue where you want to play. If you begin to enjoy golf and it becomes a regular thing you can start thinking about building up your own equipment such as some comfortable golfing shoes or your own set of Mizuno irons.

There are many different golfing clubs around the country. Some require membership but most will allow you to take part in a taster beforehand to see if you like it. If a golfing club and a golfing green seems too much for you at first then going to a driving range can be a fun way of trying golf out.

Have you ever played golf? Did it have an impact on your mental health?

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