How To Keep Your Relationship Alive After Becoming a Parent

How To Keep Your Relationship Alive After Becoming a Parent

A lot of couples want to start a family, but they don’t necessarily think about the impact it could have on their relationship. Becoming a parent represents a huge responsibility that can put an intense amount of pressure on both of you. However, your relationship does not have to suffer; you just need to be willing to put in the effort to adapt. Keep reading for some helpful tips to help your relationship to thrive after having a baby. 

Make Time for Your Relationship

Many new parents are guilty of losing sight of their relationship after the birth of their child. Children can come between parents if they allow them to. The love and attention are shifted to the child, and the parents begin to take each other for granted. This is often especially true for fathers, as mothers tend to form an immediate close bond with the baby and sometimes the dads can feel pushed to the side. 

In order to avoid falling into these negative habits, it is important that you continue to make an effort in your relationship. Of course, time together as a family is important, but it is equally important to make time for yourself as a couple rather than as parents. Go out once a week for a date night, try to talk about things other than the baby. Don’t lose sight of the people you were before the baby came along. 

Be Realistic When It Comes to Physical Intimacy

Few new parents are prepared for the fact that sex will likely change after childbirth. For a lot of women following labour, sex can be extremely uncomfortable if not outright painful; it could take up to a year for things to get back to normal. However, it isn’t just women who could struggle with post-partum sex. The added stress and pressure can make it difficult for men to perform. 

This doesn’t mean that sex is off the table; you just might have to get a little creative in order to keep things interesting. For women who are struggling with body image, trying some role-play scenarios can help. If pain or discomfort is the issue, then remember sex does not need to include penetration, but if you want to try, then using plenty of lubricant can help. 

Men with a sense of performance anxiety could benefit from stress-relieving techniques like meditation or even medical intervention. For example, Tadalafil – which is often referred to as a generic Cialis because they share the same active ingredient – is an erectile dysfunction treatment. Available at a range of strengths from 2.5mg to 20mg, this medication works by increasing the blood flow to the penis when a man is sexually stimulated. You can buy Tadalafil 5mg online. It is not available over the counter, but if you use a service like Chemist Click, you will receive your medication in the post after an online consultation and approval.

Prioritise Communication 

Keeping the lines of communication open and honest is the key to any successful relationship. How else are you meant to know what the other person is feeling? Talking with each other about your feelings is incredibly important, even if those feelings are negative at times. After having a baby, it can be easy to find that the child dominates your conversations, but you should try to talk about other things too. If you only ever talk about stressful topics or your responsibilities, then you will likely feel less connected as a couple. Bottling your feelings up doesn’t help anyone, and it can harm your relationship in the long run by making you both feel more alone. You are a team, and the best teams communicate with each other. 

Show Them That You Appreciate Them

Being a parent takes work in different ways. Initially, one parent tends to take on the role of breadwinner while the other stays home to take care of the child and the home, although these roles do change over time. The thing to remember is that neither of these roles is easy. Working takes one parent away from their partner and their child. Staying home can be isolating. Whatever your role in the home is, you should do your best to let the other person know that you appreciate them. You don’t have to make a grand show of your appreciation; it can be as little as a text to say thank you. When the other person feels appreciated, it helps to make them feel more secure in the relationship. 

The Bottom Line

You cannot expect your relationship to remain the same after having a baby. It will change with the added responsibilities and stresses. It will take a while to find your stride and get used to this lifestyle change. The best thing that you can do is to make more of an effort. Put the work into maintaining your relationship with your partner. Using the above advice can help, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

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