Check Out These Lemon Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

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If you use the word “hacks” when you clean, you’re probably not going to be able to do a good job. What we’re getting at is that these are straightforward lemon solutions that will make the tedious work of cleaning a whole lot easier, and hopefully faster as well. Here are some suggestions for making certain cleaning duties a little bit easier on yourself.

Shower head 

Lime scale accumulates quickly on shower heads. It can be exhausting to sit there and scrub every last piece of dirt and grime away, so why not let lemons do the dirty work? It’s as simple as grabbing a water-resistant sandwich bag and squeezing in some lemon juice. If you leave it overnight, you will wake up to a sparkling clean, limescale-free shower. Bathroom and kitchen faucets could also benefit from this strategy. Doing this on a regular basis will keep your fixtures looking as good as new!

The refrigerator

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator is now even easier than it has ever been, thanks to simple tricks such as a lemon coated in salt. All you have to do is scrub the inside of your fridge with a mixture of salt and lemon to remove the dirt and bacteria. After that, wipe off your refrigerator with a clean damp towel to make it sparkle. Keep a dish of sliced lemons in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh and clean as well.


Towels can begin to smell over time, and lemons can help fix that! Add about a half-cup of lemon juice and your regular laundry soap to the wash water, and let your machine agitate or mix for a few seconds before adding your organic cotton towel – or regular towels too. They’ll come out smelling very fresh! Be wary that it can mildly bleach your towels, so be careful with darker colours.


This is a simple heat-and-wipe job. Microwave a lemon or two for around 5 minutes on the highest level. Take care while taking the bowl from the microwave, but the acidity from the lemon should have dissolved any debris or spills that may have accumulated inside. You’re left with simply the duty of wiping it down afterward.

Waste Disposal

Adding a few lemons to the garbage disposal will eradicate the putrid smell and allow you to enjoy the scent of lemons throughout your house. A wonderful hack if you’re expecting guests!

Cutting boards

Lemons are an excellent cleaning agent for cutting boards. Simply rubbing a half-lemon over your chopping board, either alone or in combination with salt, will do the trick. The lemon will get to all of the knife scratches on your board, and it will kill any bacteria that may be lurking there. Your chopping boards will be cleaner than ever once you do it.


To get rid of smudges on your mirror, mix some lemon juice with water, then use a microfiber cloth to buff it. It does an excellent job of cleaning and leaving behind a fresh scent!

Lemons can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces. The acidic characteristics not only clean well, but they also leave a fresh lemony smell. It beats some of the other odours produced in the home!

*contributed post

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