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Keeping up with the housework can feel like a never-ending task. The laundry pile seems infinite and there is always a bed to be made or a room to vacuum. For a long time ‘keeping house’ consumed all my time but it really doesn’t need to. In collaboration with Vileda I’ve put together some tips to help make cleaning easier so you can spend more time with your family.

Busier Lifestyles, Busier Lives

Our lifestyles are much faster passed than they used to be especially if you have children. I remember a time when free time was my time. Since having Henry things changed and keeping up with everything was overwhelming. Nowadays I’m pregnant, self-employed, a wife and mother with two dogs and a house to keep not to mention trying to maintain a social life and me time. I’ve learnt that if I want any chance of family time I need to not let things like cleaning consume all of my time. Here are my top tips to help make cleaning easier!

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Ways to Make Cleaning Easier – My Top Tips

Make a Plan

I admit I used to be that person that would go around and around in ever decreasing circles trying to get on top of the housework. Having no organisation, plan or structure to what I was doing I was often left feeling as though I had achieved nothing.  Of course things were getting done but my method was neither effective nor efficient. I highly recommend creating at least a loose plan or schedule to help make cleaning easier and less overwhelming.

Squad Goals

I know this sounds obvious but use cleaning products you can trust. I have tried and tested many cleaning products over the years and many haven’t made the cut. If they don’t do exactly what you want them to do – when you want them to do it you are just wasting time and effort!

Roll with the Times

Our ancestors would scrub their floors on their hands and knees but that doesn’t mean we should have to. My Vileda EasyWring & Clean Turbo takes all of the effort out of mopping the floor and I honestly couldn’t be without it now! We live in Manchester where it rains a lot so combine that with two dogs and a child and you will see why I would suffer repetitive strain syndrome from mopping the floor so much. I can now do the job just as well in less time so that’s fine by me!

Vileda EasyWring

Clean as you go

Keeping on top of the housework is much more efficient than having to deep clean once a week. I steal as many moments as I can to do a quick five minute tidy up and this cuts down the overall task and feeling of overwhelm by the end of the week. Whilst I’m waiting for the kettle to boil I’ll sweep the kitchen floor. If I’m running a bath I will tidy the bathroom and wipe down the sinks. When cooking I will wipe down the sides and load the dishwasher as I go rather than all at once at the end. It helps save my sanity!

Decluttering is Key

Whenever I talk about cleaning I always mention decluttering. I’d love to live in a minimalist household but I’m married to a hoarder. I make a point of decluttering each month so that it doesn’t get too much. I find this motivating and almost liberating and instantly the rooms look cleaner!

Decluttering Cupboards

You can have it all!

I used to feel like it wasn’t possible to ‘do everything.’ I would look at life and feel like some area would always be lacking because there was no way to keep up with everything. That’s not true. I can work, have a family, a life and a clean house I just had to change how I was doing things. I assessed what areas of my life I could improve and looking at how I could make cleaning easier was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my family life. Do you have any top tips to make cleaning easier? I’d love to read them in the comments below!

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Cleaning can be all consuming and when we have busy lifestyles it's the last thing we need to be wasting our time on. These top tips can help make cleaning easier so you can spend more time doing what you love.


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