Why Staycations Will Be a Popular Holiday Option for Families This Year

Why Staycations Will Be a Popular Holiday Option for Families This Year
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Traditional family holidays to seaside resorts have become increasingly popular since the pandemic and they show no signs of going out of fashion. But why have we all fallen back in love with the Great British holiday? Here are just some of the reasons why families are choosing to stay home rather than go abroad.


There’s no denying that the rising cost of living is having an impact on the amount of disposable income families have. Trips overseas can come with additional costs such as flights and health insurance. Staying in the UK can be a better option for those who are watching the pennies and it can be just as much fun!


Long-haul flights with little ones can be super stressful and even trips to popular European resorts can throw up delays. Travelling by train, coach or bus can be cost-effective for families on a budget which adds to the appeal, whereas the freedom that comes with travelling by car can’t be beaten. Not only does going by car mean you can set your own time schedule, but it also allows you to take as many toilet stops or snack breaks as required by the youngest family members. Just make sure you have enough fuel in your vehicle and that your car insurance is valid – no one wants something silly like not having the correct car insurance to spoil their holiday. You can look for new deals if your car insurance NI is up for renewal and put the savings towards holiday activities.


For parents and grandparents who enjoyed holidaying at home during their own childhood, staycations can be a way of sharing the simple joys of seaside holidays with the future generations. Whether it’s eating a whippy ice cream while walking along the prom or pushing copper pennies into the slot machines to try and win a prize, there’s a charm to British holidays that can’t be rivalled. 

Something for Everyone

One of the most wonderful aspects of the UK is the variety of landscapes on offer. From glorious beach resorts to the natural beauty of lakes and forests, city breaks to quiet rural retreats, there really is something for everyone. In all but the most remote regions, it is easy to enjoy multiple aspects of our unique landscape. It’s just a shame there are no guarantees with the weather! 


For some families, especially those with children with additional needs, the familiarity of the UK is a major bonus of a staycation. Not only will you be able to communicate in English, but you will also be able to buy all your usual foods and household products – not always the case when travelling overseas. Staying within the UK also means the NHS is on hand in case of medical emergency, which can be reassuring when travelling with vulnerable family members such as children or the elderly.

If you are planning a staycation this year, whether it’s a camping holiday or in a luxury hotel, it is worthwhile booking well in advance – UK holidays are going to be a popular choice!

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