Taf Toys I Love Big Mat – Play Mat – Review

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

Taf Toys kindly sent us a selection of their baby developmental toys when I first had Hugo. At the time I didn’t have much knowledge or experience of the brand, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Each month we have been putting the toys through their paces, and you can find out our thoughts on the Musical Newborn Cosy Gym here and the Developmental Pillow here. This month has been about the I Love Big Mat.

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

The Taf Toys I Love Big Mat has been an absolute must have now that Hugo is getting older and beginning to roll. This play mat is double in size and extra padded, so he has ample room to roll back and forth without me having to intervene too much. This is giving him a sense of independence and allowing him to troubleshoot for himself while I watch from a safe distance. This all adds to his development and has seen him really get confidence with rolling on his own.

Taf Toys Play Mat

The I Love Big Mat has a baby safe mirror that attaches with Velcro, a pineapple shaped teether, plastic rings, crinkling fabrics and various different textures which are both exciting and stimulating for Hugo.

Our Thoughts

From my point of view as a parent this play mat ticks all of the boxes. It’s a great size (100cm x 150cm), super soft and padded and full of interesting and stimulating features. I am confident that I can put Hugo on the mat and allow him the freedom to explore himself without having to shadow over him constantly moving him back into the middle. I love the soft pastel colours and design too it’s really baby friendly!

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

Hugo really likes stretching out on the mat, and he has loads of room to do just that. He will happily fumble about exploring the different textures quite happily. He is now becoming confident in his rolling ability so will happily roll around on the mat independently.

The I love Big Mat can be folded up easily for storage and will be a great toy to take into the garden with us in Summer. It is also perfect for taking with us on holiday, and when we visit friends especially ones that don’t have babies of their own, it means that wherever we go, I can set up a safe and fun space for Hugo to play without much effort. The play mat has unquestionably become a staple item and one I would definitely recommend to others.

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

Find Out More

The Taf Toys I love Big Mat costs around £45.00 which I would say is a fair price. The mat has many uses and will last so is definitely worth the investment. You can find out more and purchase your own from *Amazon, Dunelm and JoJo Maman Bébé.

Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

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