Making Christmas Eve Boxes (AD)

Making Christmas Eve Boxes (AD)

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I have fond memories of being a little girl and experiencing the pure magic of Christmas. Sadly, as we age and mature into adults, that magic fades somewhat. The 20-year-old version of me didn’t believe I’d ever feel that Christmas magic again. However, there is something so special about seeing children believe with every ounce of their soul that makes that feeling flood right back. I’ve found that Christmas Eve boxes are a fun and festive way to add a touch of extra magic to your Christmas celebrations.

When I had my first child Henry, I knew that I wanted to embrace every aspect of Christmas possible. It really is all about creating your own traditions when you have your own family. Since Henry’s second Christmas we have always done Christmas Eve boxes the night before Christmas.

If you are thinking about putting together a Christmas Eve box for the first time its worth noting that you can be as extravagant or as simple as your budget allows. Personally, I don’t like to go over the top – after all, it is the day before Christmas. There really is no point stressing over additional costs for Christmas Eve too! It’s actually quite easy to put together a Christmas Eve box without spending much at all!

Our Christmas Eve Boxes

This year I have gone for these gorgeous personalised wooden Christmas Eve boxes from I like that they are a good size so I can pack them with all the Christmas Eve essentials. I also love that they are wooden as this means they will last year on year, which is not only budget-friendly but will become a tradition in itself.

This year I have filled the boxes with a pair of Christmas pyjamas for each of my boys. We always have early baths on Christmas Eve and get comfy in our a PJ’s in an attempt to inject some calm in the over-excitement that seems to commence. These will be an absolute welcomed addition to their Christmas Eve box. They are also really affordable, so make great gifts for extended family too!!

I’ve also included a sachet of hot chocolate and some chocolate coins which will be a nice treat while we snuggle up and watch a festive film before bed. Usually, I would include a Christmas themed DVD in their box. However, as we have Netflix and Amazon Prime now a lot of our favourites are on there anyway, and we don’t often watch physical disks anymore. Instead, I have opted for a Christmas themed book that we can enjoy together before bed.

Finally, I have added a personalised tree decoration to each of their boxes. Every year I always purchase a different ornament for each of the boys that includes their name. The idea is that when they are older and have their own houses, they can take their personal decorations with them and hopefully continue the tradition with their own families.

What to Include in your Christmas Eve Box:

When it comes to the contents of your Christmas Eve box, there are no rules, and you can fill it with whatever you like. As well as what I am including in my Christmas Eve boxes I have put together a few additional ideas to help:

  • Fluffy Socks
  • Cuddly Toy
  • Christmas Film
  • Christmas Themed Biscuit
  • Mince Pie for Santa
  • Carrot for Rudolph
  • Reindeer Food
  • A Candy Cane
  • A Letter From Santa
  • Sleigh Bell
  • Small Toy, Colouring Book or Playing Cards
  • Slippers
  • Christmas Mug
  • Sweets
  • Popcorn

Christmas Eve boxes don’t just have to be for children either! You can extend the tradition to adult family members too. Why not include a festive tipple, candle or a Christmas coffee for the older ones – after all, us adults still enjoy a bit of magic too!!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you share with your own family? Are you planning on making a Christmas Eve box this year? If you are, I’d love to know what you are including!

The items I have mentioned in this blog are from I am working with them as a brand ambassador however their items are an absolute bargain! To make shopping even easier Studio have just launched their new app so you can browse their whole collection of items directly from your phone!

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