4 Steps to Making Your Home More Efficient

4 Steps to Making Your Home More Efficient
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Owning a home is great, but the fact that much of living there is all bills, bills, bills can cause plenty of stress that you just weren’t prepared for. But you accept it. You know you’re supposed to pay bills, so you will send that direct debit every month to make sure you can keep the lights on. 

However, while you need to pay for the bills, you don’t have to pay as much, and one way to make sure of this is to make your home more efficient, whether water, heating, or lights. 

Seal Up Any Gaps 

They may seem small, but gaps around the house, from the loft to the letterbox can let the draught in. If you’ve ever wondered why you can never stay warm at home, this could be why. 

The cold air that comes through these gaps will counteract the heat generated from radiators, but luckily, it’s not too difficult to overcome, and you can usually fix it in a weekend. Some gaps may be bigger than others, though, especially if your roof has suffered damage, so this could require a professional coming in to assist. 

Collect and Store Water

City living isn’t ideal for storing water, but if you live in the countryside, you can consider collecting your water to minimise how much you use every year. 

Collecting rainwater for washing the dishes and showering is popular amongst people has decided to live off the grid. Still, it’s becoming increasingly popular for those who want to live in a more energy-efficient household. Check out services such as https://www.watertankfactory.com.au/water-tanks-sydney/, among a range of others to see your options. 

Unplug and Switch Off When Not In Use

Leaving electronics plugged in all night long, even long after they have charged, can waste more energy than you think. The same can be said about leaving lights on in rooms you’re not using. 

While it’s pleasant to have a house that is lit up all around, it can also severely increase your energy costs, even with energy-efficient bulbs. You can take it a step further and switch off appliances that are always plugged in, such as the TV and microwave to save even more. 

Make the Most of the Light

You can combat a dark home by making the most of the natural light. This could mean redecorating the walls and painting them a colour that reflects light better so that the room looks brighter, even if nothing else has changed. 

Natural light will also make you happier. It is better for you compared to fluorescent or incandescent lighting, meaning you are more productive, can concentrate better, and you can get to sleep more quickly, which all sound like wins as far as most people are concerned. 

Working For You 

You spend a lot of time making your home perfect, but you can also help your home give back to you by making the necessary adjustments to ensure you don’t spend more than you should on your bills. By exploring these options, you can get a little more pocket money to spend on the more important things.

*Contributed Post

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