Trick-or-Treating Glorified Begging or Harmless Fun


Trick-or-treating is a controversial subject. I’m all about Halloween I absolutely love dressing up and decorating the house and sharing treats with guests. There is however a huge stigma around children and trick-or-treating so what’s my view? Is it a form of glorified begging? Or just a harmless tradition for kids to enjoy?

Halloween Traditions

As a family, we don’t trick-or-treat but we do welcome it at our house. I LOVE answering the door to the kids on Halloween and seeing the effort they have gone to in order to celebrate the occasion. I have all the time in the world for that doorbell ringing and I am more than happy to give out handfuls of sweets to all the children. However I do totally get that this isn’t every bodies bag. I imagine if you aren’t into Halloween or don’t have children then answering the door every five minutes might be more than a hindrance. That’s not mentioning the added expense of buying sweets!

We have an unwritten rule on our street that houses wishing to take part in Halloween will have a pumpkin or other decoration out front or in the window where you can clearly see. Most of the children know that if the house isn’t decorated or no pumpkin is visible then they shouldn’t bother them. If this is respected then it’s the best of both worlds. Some people have a view that trick-or-treating is just glorified begging or it’s just something brought over from America.


Why don’t we go Trick-or-Treating?

I don’t take Henry out trick-or-treating for several different reasons – like I’m entirely paranoid about my kid eating sweets from complete strangers. It goes against everything I tell him! ‘Don’t accept things from strangers.’ Except on Halloween because thats ok!

Mainly though if we were out trick-or-treating we would be missing out on all the fun of answering the door at home!

Henry still gets dressed up and he loves going to the door and giving out the sweets! We usually watch Hocus Pocus and play Halloween party games so he certainly doesn’t miss out on anything.

What do you think of trick-or-treating is it harmless fun or just glorified begging?


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  1. Sandra Festian
    29th October 2022 / 12:32 am

    I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. In the 50’s. On Halloween night everyone called it “begging” and what the children yelled at the door was “Help the poor!!” Up and down the street you could hear the kids saying “Help the poor!!!”.

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