Graduation – From Baby to Boy

Graduation – From Baby to Boy

Graduation Day

On the 22nd of July 2016 my almost five year old son had his graduation from preschool. It was a rather bittersweet, overwhelming & emotional day to say the least. As I dropped him off in the morning of his last day reality set in that this would be the last time I looked up to his classroom window and waved. As I got into the car I just wanted to collapse into a puddle of sobs but I knew once the flood gates opened they would not stop. This day marks such a huge milestone. It signifies his transition from toddler to child but to me he will always be that newborn baby and I will always be that scared first time Mother afraid of getting it all wrong.

I remember the first time we decided that nursery was a good idea that we should explore further. It was over three years ago and I was ever reluctant. Henry was 1 year and a few months old. I had never left him for any length of time with anyone except his father and that was only for an hour tops. This wasn’t from choice but we live a distance from any relatives and the need or chance to leave him had never really arisen. I knew that ultimately having a break would do me the world of good. Allow me to charge my batteries and enable me to be a better parent not a worse one. So why did leaving him in another persons care feel so wrong? I had to talk myself into the decision. Coax myself every step of the way. It’s pathetic really but he is the most precious thing in my life and I couldn’t just trust anyone with him.Then here we are three years on and he’s walking, talking and interacting like a big boy and everyday he needs me less and less.

The graduation was amazing. All of the children wore graduation hats and sang songs which pulled my heart strings every which way. Thank God the ceremony was outside and the sun was shining as it gave me an excuse to wear my sunglasses to hide my crying eyes. I really cannot thank the Pre School enough for all of their input in Henry’s life. Not only did he graduate from Pre School he graduated from my baby into my boy. Life with children is bittersweet. Blink and you’ll miss it.



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