Which Calorie Counter App Is The Best In The UK

Which Calorie Counter App Is The Best In The UK

I recently discussed and shared with you all my weight loss goals for 2023. In that discussion, I explained that despite great success in the past with Slimming World I had weighed (no pun intended) up the pros and cons of SW compared to calorie counting and had decided that this time around, I wanted to go for calorie counting as I felt it was my greatest chance of successfully changing my lifestyle long term. My journey with calorie counting so far has been largely positive, but one thing that has been overwhelming was the vast amount of apps on the market. So it made me question: Which calorie counter app is the best?

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Which Calorie Counter App Is The Best

My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal stands tall as one of the most popular and comprehensive calorie-counting apps available in the UK. Offering an extensive food database of over six million items, this app allows you to track your calorie intake effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface lets you easily log your meals, set goals, and monitor your progress. Additionally, MyFitnessPal offers personalised recommendations based on your individual goals, making it an ideal choice of calorie counter app for anyone looking to manage their weight effectively.

There is a paid and a free version. In my opinion, the free version has quite a substantial number of useful features without the need to upgrade. I use this app personally and find it to be one of the better apps, but caution should be taken to ensure that data is accurate and correct when logging foods. I have seen a number of items have incorrect data and so it is always best to check before logging to prevent going over your calorie goal without realising.

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Lifesum is another notable calorie-counting app that has gained popularity over the past few years. It has a sleek design and user-friendly interface; Lifesum offers a comprehensive platform to track your food, exercise, and overall health. The app provides personalised meal plans, recipes, and nutritional insights to help you make informed choices. Lifesum also offers various diet plans, such as keto, paleo, and vegetarian, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Additionally, the app integrates with fitness trackers and offers a step counter and water tracker to monitor your overall progress. Lifesum’s emphasis on creating a balanced and sustainable approach to health and nutrition makes it a valuable tool for anyone seeking long-term wellness goals.

Lifesum also offers a paid and a free version. I personally feel like the free version has deteriorated over the last few years. It used to be one of my go-to apps, but I feel pushed to take out the free version now, where I didn’t necessarily need to before. I understand they are a business, so they likely offered more free perks in the early days, but it was a little harder to use without subscribing, in my honest opinion. I will also say that I found the nutritional values of items I scanned to be completely incorrect. Most of these apps do require you to double-check the amounts before saving to ensure accuracy, but I found Lifesum to be the least accurate, sadly. This alone would discourage me from taking out the paid version.

The NHS Weight Loss Plan

The NHS Weight Loss Plan is a government-backed initiative in the UK that provides a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to weight management. While not a specific calorie counter app, it offers valuable resources and guidance for individuals looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. The plan emphasises making sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes or fad diets – which I am completely on board with. It provides practical advice on portion control, healthy eating, and physical activity.

The NHS Weight Loss Plan encourages individuals to set realistic goals and offers tools to track progress, such as a weight loss tracker and a calorie calculator. Additionally, it provides access to a range of recipes, meal plans, and workout ideas to support individuals on their weight loss journey. By following the NHS Weight Loss Plan, individuals can benefit from expert advice and evidence-based strategies, ensuring a safe and effective approach to weight management. If you are embarking on a weight loss journey for the first time, this is a really great place to start.

Calorie Counter+

Calorie Counter+ is a feature-rich and versatile calorie-counting app. With its extensive food database and powerful tracking capabilities, Calorie Counter+ allows users to monitor their calorie intake with precision. The app offers an intuitive interface where users can easily log their meals, snacks, and beverages. Calorie Counter+ provides detailed nutritional information for each food item, including macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, enabling users to make informed choices. The app also offers additional features such as exercise tracking, water intake monitoring, and weight management tools.

Calorie Counter+ allows users to set goals, create customized meal plans, and access helpful tips and articles on nutrition and weight loss. With its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, Calorie Counter+ is a reliable companion for individuals looking to track their calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t personally used this app for any length of time so I am unable to give it a personal recommendation; however, it does come highly recommended by friends and I have downloaded it to take for a test drive.


Another app I haven’t personally tried is Noom. I believe this app is paid only, but don’t quote me on that. Again I have a number of friends that have used this app with great success, but as I haven’t personal experience with it, I feel unable to personally recommend it.

Noom is a unique calorie-counting app that takes a holistic health and weight management approach. Unlike traditional calorie-counting apps, Noom combines personalised coaching, behavioural psychology, and nutrition tracking to help users achieve their health goals. The app provides a user-friendly platform where individuals can track their food intake, log their exercise, and monitor their progress. Noom’s distinguishing feature lies in its coaching system, where users are assigned a personal coach who provides guidance, support, and accountability throughout their journey. The app also offers interactive lessons and quizzes on topics such as nutrition, emotional eating, and behaviour change, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s relationship with food. Additionally, Noom encourages users to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals and provides feedback to help them stay on track.

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MyNetDiary is a highly regarded calorie-counting app that has gained a loyal following in the past few months. Known for its comprehensive tracking capabilities, MyNetDiary allows users to monitor their food intake, exercise, and overall health with ease. The app offers an extensive food database, including a wide range of UK-specific food items, making it convenient for users to track their meals accurately. Handily – MyNetDiary provides a barcode scanner for quick and convenient logging, along with features like meal planning, recipe tracking, and personalised nutrition advice. The calorie counter app also integrates with various fitness devices and apps, allowing for seamless physical activity tracking.

I have only just downloaded this app and not fully tested out all the features, so whether or not I personally recommend remains to be seen, but on the surface, it certainly looks like a strong contender. Generous free features and no ads are always a winner in my eyes.


Another app I haven’t tried personally, unfortunately, but it looks like a good app to try if it meets your needs. Control My Weight is a noteworthy calorie-counting app that deserves recognition. This app focuses specifically on helping individuals manage and control their weight effectively. It offers an easy-to-use food diary feature where users can log their meals and track their calorie intake. Control My Weight provides a comprehensive database of food items, including popular UK brands and restaurant meals, allowing for accurate tracking – but as always, double-check before logging. The app also offers personalised weight loss plans and goals, along with regular progress updates and insights. Additionally, Control My Weight provides educational resources and tips on nutrition, portion control, and mindful eating, empowering users to make healthier choices. With its emphasis on weight management and supportive features, Control My Weight is an excellent option for those aiming to achieve sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance goals long term.


Nutracheck has gained a loyal following due to its accurate and reliable tracking capabilities. With an extensive food database, including many UK-specific food items, Nutracheck provides accurate nutritional information to help you make informed choices. The app offers features such as barcode scanning, a meal planner, and an exercise tracker. Additionally, Nutracheck’s unique “Snap and Track” feature allows users to take pictures of their meals and receive instant calorie and nutrition information. This innovative approach makes Nutracheck stand out among its competitors. I have no idea whether this app requires additional payment or a free option as it isn’t one I am familiar with using, but it comes highly recommended across the board.

Lose It!

Although Lose It! is not specifically designed for the UK market, it remains a highly effective and widely used calorie-counting app worldwide. With its easy-to-navigate interface, Lose It! enables users to track their daily calorie intake effortlessly. The app provides a vast database of food items, including many popular UK brands. It also integrates with various fitness trackers and wearable devices, allowing for seamless integration with your overall health routine. Moreover, Lose It! offers personalised challenges and rewards to motivate users on their weight loss journey.

In Conclusion

Calorie-counting apps make tracking calories on a calorie-counting weight loss plan much easier and visually appealing. Some databases have a barcode scan function making it quick and simple but caution should always be made as to the accuracy of what is being logged. So, which calorie counter app is the best? Well, that all depends on personal preference and budget. If you are looking for a free app with lots of features, the My Fitness Pal and MyNetDiary are strong contenders, in my opinion. Remember, though; it isn’t all about calorific numbers – nutrients are very important and should always be the basis of your weight loss plan. As always, before undertaking a new weight loss lifestyle, consult with a GP or healthcare professional to ensure you have the correct support for your healthcare needs.

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