Christmas Gift Guide For Tween Aged Children

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The children in our extended family are all growing up and entering into that illusive tween age. As they have grown older, I am finding it much harder to buy them gifts and often find myself completely stuck as to what they would want. This year I’ve put together a selection of gifts I think are fit for a tween age child!

Gifts for Tween Aged Children

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint 2-Pack

I never think you can go wrong with Nerf products when it comes to this age group and we are big fans of the whole Nerf range in this household. When I first heard about the Nerf Laser Ops Pro, I knew it would make a fantastic gift and would be something we would all get some fun out of. The NERF Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint 2-Pack contains everything you need for two players to go up against each other in a laser battle like no other. Lights on the blaster display ammo and health status and the realistic sounds just add to the overall entertainment.

The blasters are light to hold making them easy to run, crouch or hide with. The blasters require 8 x AA batteries which are not included but as soon as these are added you are ready to play. If you want to add some realtime battle intelligence to your gameplay, then you can download the free Nerf Laser Ops app which adds a whole new element to gameplay allowing you to customise your blaster and even locate opponents during your battle. The app is entirely optional, but if you do use it, you can attach your smartphone to you using the included armbands leaving your hands free to work your blaster.

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint 2-Pack is suitable for ages 8+ and has an RRP of £44.99. Find out more and purchase from *Amazon.

Detective Dot

Detective Dot is a 9-year-old British-Asian coder who is on a mission from the Children’s Intelligence Agency. Detective Dot encourages, inspires and educates children in computer science and STEM. Detective Dot is all about representing diverse role models and stepping away from the stereotypical princesses that often crop up in children’s fiction.

Detective Dot Book

I love how children require no previous knowledge or skills in computer science in order to learn how to code with Detective Dot it feels inclusive and isn’t heavy or pressuring meaning that children can learn without feeling as though they are learning. The book is well written with a good strong story to follow while also providing a lesson in coding.

Detective Dot is suitable for ages 7+ and an RRP of £18.99. Excitingly they are looking to branch out into cartons and games in the near future. Henry is utterly engrossed with Detective Dot, and it ticks all the boxes for me as a parent! Find out more on the Detective Dot website here.

Harry Potter Flying Golden Snitch Heliball

This amazing flying golden snitch is an official replica of the one featured in the Harry Potter movies. The most exciting thing about this Golden Snitch is that it actually flies and has real flapping mechanical wings. The Golden Snitch has intelligent sensors that detect when your hands go below the Snitch and make it fly away!

Golden SNitch

This is a fabulous gift for anyone that loves Harry Potter, and the clever technology makes this a fun and exciting addition to even the biggest fans collection. The Flying Golden Snitch requires 2 x LiPo batteries (included) which are charged using the included USB charger cable. Suitable for ages 8+ with an RRP of £35.00 you can find out more and purchase here.

Mickey Mouse PJ’s

I never think that you can go wrong with PJ’s when it comes to tween age children especially if they are as cute and comfy as these Mickey Mouse Pj’s! They are available in girls size 8 – 15 years and come with fleece shorts and a jersey tee with rolled sleeves. They feel really thick and made from good quality material making them perfect for snuggling up on the sofa watching movies!

Mickey Mouse PJ's

These gorgeous Mickey Mouse Pj’s are £14.99 and avialable from New Look here.

The Box of Shocks

Magic tricks that will shock and make you scream what more could a tween-aged child want? The box contains several gross magic tricks such as ‘Pen Through the Hand’ and ‘The Finger Beaker!’ The kit includes all of the necessary accessories to perform the tricks as well as full instructions of how to execute the trick flawlessly.

The Box of Shocks

The Box of Shocks is suitable for ages 8+ and has an RRP of £22.99. You can find out more and purchase from *Amazon here.

Ju-Ju-Be Backpack

I’ve mentioned my love for Ju-Ju-Be before but not only do they have a fantastic selection of changing bags they also do a lovely range of backpacks perfect for any tween. Henry adores the MiniBe- March of the Murlocs which is €59.95. This bag is from the World of Warcraft collaboration with Ju-Ju-Be, and I love the bright colours and attention to detail.

World of Warcraft backpack

The bag itself is well made and the perfect size for a few school books or a change of clothes for an overnight trip. The zip opens wide, so you can easily access the contents without having to remove everything which is ideal and practical. There is an air mesh back panel which makes it comfortable to wear, and the Teflon fabric protector helps preserve the design and repel stains.

Ju-Ju-Be have a great selection of backpacks that you can browse and purchase here.

Strictly Come Dancing: The Board Game

This multiplayer board game really captures the glitz, and the glamour from The Strictly Come Dancing TV Show! Answer trivia questions about the show, dancing and general knowledge to win votes and hopefully, you’ll get a chance to dance in the final!!

Strictly Come Dancing Game

This game is inclusive for everyone as it is designed for the whole family to take part. The board game even includes a battery operated revolving glitter ball speaker and the authentic voice of the one and only Craig Revell Horwood.

Included in the box:

  • Revolving Glitterball Speaker
  • Trivia Cards
  • Dance Floor & Ballroom Staircase
  • Die and Playing Pieces
  • Voting Paddles

You will also need 3 x AAA batteries which are not included. The Strictly Come Dancing board game is suitable for 8+ years and is best played with 3 – 6 players It has an RRP of £29.99 and is available from *Amazon here.

Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book

Creative tweens will be in their element with this Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book set! This step by step guide walks you through the process of creating your very own comic book. The kit goes into how to develop characters, planning and writing stories as well as how to bring your characters to life.

Superhero Comic

What you receive:

  • 8 Page Comic Book
  • 8 Page Activity Book
  • Cardboard Stencil Sheet
  • 4 x Graphic Tracing Sheets
  • 3 x Project Activity Sheets

Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book is £9.99, suitable for ages 7-12 years and available from Find Me A Gift.

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