Christmas Gift Guide For Dogs & Dog Lovers 2018

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So there is no hiding from the fact that I adore my dogs. I have two an Olde English Bulldog called Roly, and my third child Stitch my French Bulldog. Both dogs are considered family members so of course when it comes to Christmas, they are spoilt. This gift guide is a collection of gifts for the Dog Lover whether that is a gift for them personally or for their four-legged friend!

Gifts For Dogs & Dog Lovers

Planet Dog

I was recently introduced to Planet Dog as a brand, and I am very impressed as are both the doggies!! They have a great selection of dog products perfect for spoiling your pet!

Orbee-Tuff Nooks

These boredom busters are an absolute genius! You fill the hole with treats or Stitch’s favourite – peanut butter, and it keeps them entertained for hours!! Perfect for the upcoming winter months when they are shut inside more! You can purchase your own here.

Orbee-Tuff Basketball

This durable textured ball has both dogs running up and down! You can fill it with treats, and when they roll it, the treats naturally dispense keeping them intrigued and entertained. You can purchase your own here.

Both toys are really well made and durable, and even though both dogs are renowned for chewing toys to death they haven’t made a scratch on them!! Find out more about the wonderful range from Planet Dog here.

Pet Teezer

I’m a huge fan of the Tangle Teezer range for humans. Their brushes are really practical but gentle on my own hair, so of course, when I heard about the Pet Teezer, I was intrigued. There are two different Pet Teezers to choose from depending on the type of hair your four-legged friend has:

De-Shedding & Grooming Pet Teezer: This brush is perfect for those dogs that shed hair (like mine!) The brush works through the fur collecting any loose or shedding hair and keeps it within the brush so that you can quickly and easily discard of it in the bin without any mess!

Pet Teezer

Detangling & Grooming Pet Teezer: Great for dogs with longer hair that can get matted or knotted. The brush works deep into the coat without pulling at the fur.

Grooming is not only for your dog but also a great bonding experience for the both of you making the Pet Teezer a gift you can share. Find out more and purchase your own from the website here.

A Few Home Truths

A Few Home Truths is an independent design company based in Liverpool. They have an extensive range of products that are all made in-house. They also have a Cocker Spaniel called Bramley, so already they are my kind of people!! If you are looking for a unique gift, then this is where you will find it, and I was overwhelmed with the choice for my Dog Lover gift guide!

They have the cutest selection of personalised mugs and subscription boxes perfect for any dog lover or any non-dog lover, to be honest! My absolute heart melted when they kindly sent me a personalised baby grow for Hugo.

I am already making a list of all the other items I now *need*, and I could purchase something for literally everyone on my shopping list from their website. If you have a dog lover to buy for or you just want a special gift and to support a lovely independent company then I really recommend A Few Home Truths!! Check out their full range and purchase from their website here.


If you are looking for personalised prints or something a bit different for your walls, then I highly recommend you check out Posterhaste. They have a vast selection of prints that are easy to customise and personalise you are bound to find the perfect one! They have a few different options that I think would be perfect for dog lovers like their Word Shape print which you can have in the shape of a dog or the Family Portrait which can be customised to include the family pets!

Posterhaste Family Portrait

I had a go at designing my very own print on the Posterhaste website, and it was the easiest and smoothest process possible. I was able to create and personalise each member of our family including and most importantly our doggies!! As a dog lover, I would really love a gift like this! The Word Shape print and Family Portrait Prints both start from £20.00 each, and you can find out more and order your own on their website here.


If you are looking to treat your dog this festive season the Chuckit! Have a huge selection of different dog toys. Toys that glow in the dark, ball launchers, tug toys or ropes! Literally anything your furry friend desires!

Roly and Stitch aren’t big on fetching toys when outside. Honestly, they are lazy, and if you throw a ball too far, then you can kiss it goodbye because you don’t have even a small hope that they will bring it back. An excellent compromise for them is the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher and the Chuckit! Mountain Rope Tug Toy!

Chuckit! Toys

Chuckit! Indoor Launcher: The Indoor Launcher comes with a roller toy that is safe to play with indoors – which is a bulldog’s favourite place after all. You can purchase on *Amazon here.

Chuckit! Mountain Rope Tug Toy: The Mountain Rope Tug Toy has seen many hours of tugging games either with me or between themselves! It’s a strong rope that despite some seriously rough play is holding strong. You can purchase on *Amazon here.

My dogs don’t often get excited about much that isn’t food related but they have loved playing with these toys, and since it’s been a bit wet and miserable outside it’s done them a world of good! Check out the full Chuckit! range on their website here.

I hope you enjoyed my Dog Lover & Dog Gift Guide and it gave you some inspiration. Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides!

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