Christmas Gifts For Women 2018

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Deciding what to buy the women in your life this Christmas can be difficult. It’s easy to gravitate towards the same old items, but if you want to treat your ladies to something a bit more unique and a little different, then I’ve put together a selection of gifts that they are sure to love.

Gifts For Women

Wax Lyrical

You can’t go too far wrong when it comes to gifting candles or reed diffusers, and I have made no secret regarding my love for Wax Lyrical. I am yet to receive a product from them that disappoints me, and I love how strong and long-lasting their scents are. We have just moved house, and there is nothing more homely than the smell of a reed diffuser welcoming you home!

Arctic Breeze Wax Lyrical

My recommendations for Christmas gifts have to be the Yvonne Ellen Arctic Breeze diffuser and candle. I LOVE the Yvonne Ellen Wax Lyrical Collection, and I fell in love with the range when I tried them earlier this year. The Arctic Breeze scent does not fall short of festive perfection and is the perfect winter scent. It’s a real masculine woody scent that really sets the scene for Christmas.

The Arctic Breeze candle is £23.99 and has a burn time of up to 38 hours and is available here.

The Arctic Breeze reed diffuser is 200ml priced at £25.99 and available here.


Tesalate – Sand Free Beach Towel

I’m a beach babe at heart, and there is nothing I love more than being by the sea soaking up the sunshine and feeling the sand between my toes! If you are buying for a wanderlust woman this year, then a Tesalate towel is the perfect gift. These towels are super absorbent, compact and come in a range of vibrant and beautiful designs. The best thing? Sand won’t stick to it even when wet!!

Tesalate Towel

The Tesalate towel is 160cm x 80cm but rolls up neatly to fit into a bag. It’s super absorbent but dries in half the time of a regular beach towel! There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from perfect for any taste although the challenge is picking just the one! I am really impressed with the towel and although it’s a bit nippy to head to the beach, it will be the perfect accompaniment to take on holiday and won’t take up a considerable amount of space in a suitcase. I’ve used it by the pool, and it is super absorbent, and by the time I was changed, it was practically dry meaning no more damp towel smell!!

You can find out more about the Tesalate – sand free beach towel and purchase your very own on their website here.

Waffle Bowl Maker

I’m the first to admit that I’m no domestic goddess in the kitchen but do I love making things with my kids that are fun, tasty and don’t require a culinary degree to execute! This Waffle Bowl Maker is a fantastic gift for anyone that wants to have a little fun in the kitchen without the mess and stress!

Waffle Maker

It takes approximately 3 minutes to make a waffle bowl which can then be filled with fruit, ice cream or naughty sweets! It’s straightforward to use and clean but creates something quite fancy perfect for desserts over the festive period. Find out more about the Waffle BowlMaker and purchase your own from the Cool Gift website.

Legendary Ladies

This book is a must-have for any woman! It’s all about goddesses from around the world and is beautifully illustrated. It screams women empowerment which is something that we could all do with a bit more of. Without being heavy or preachy, this book manages to inspire and encourage with its beautiful watercolour illustrations. This is a truly unique gift that is far more than just a book but a message of celebration to women everywhere.

Legendary Ladies book

Find out more and purchase a copy from *Amazon here.

KISS Products

Christmas is often the time of year where we can get a bit glammed up and celebrate. There is nothing I love more than to have beautiful nails and lashes for a good old-fashioned Christmas party. I’m a mum of two now, and Hugo barely gives me a chance to go to the bathroom alone there is no way I could sit through a nail appointment. Personally, I love KISS false nails, and I highly rate them regarding look and longevity.

False Nails

They make the perfect gift for women that don’t have time to head to the nail salon, and they are a fraction of the price, but you would never be able to tell! My recommendation for the festive period are the KISS imPRESS nails in Rock It! They have a little sparkle and jazz, and they only take a couple of minutes to apply and only cost around £7.99!


I have to recommend KISS faux-mink lashes too! Their 5th Avenue Collection, Opulence glam lashes are amazing and are reusable up to ten times! They are easy to apply, look gorgeous and are really affordable at around £9.99! Perfect for a Christmas night out or a New Years Eve party!

Hempz Milk & Honey Moisturiser

The winter months in England can be harsh on our skin. It’s often the time when our skin suffers the most feeling dry and damaged. I always think you can’t go wrong with indulgent beauty products as gifts especially ones that really work like the Hempz Milk & Honey moisturiser.

Hempz Moisturiser

Enriched with natural extracts, this moisturiser will nourish the driest of skin, and it smells absolutely amazing! It’s made with 100% pure natural Hemp seed oil and absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling instantly pampered. Hempz Moisturiser has an RRP of £23.99 and you can find out more and purchase here.


A Ju-Ju-Be change bag will make a fantastic Christmas gift for any Mums this year. I’ve written about Ju-Ju-Be before, and I absolutely adore their design and practicality. Their bags are well made, and they last even when they take a bit of a battering which of course happens when you have children. They do a whole range of different designs suitable for every taste. One of my top picks has to be the Forever Backpack Noir. It has seven inside organisation pockets and comes complete with a memory foam changing pad! There are also two exterior bottle pockets which are insulated. The straps are comfortable and the bag has loads of room for all of your must carry essentials as well as easily holding my laptop and charger which is great for working on the go. I love being able to throw this on when out and about and it means I can carry everything I need while keeping my hands free!

Ju-Ju-Be Change Bag

It’s worth noting that this bag is made from durable vegan leather and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects!! Check out the full range of gorgeous bags from Ju-Ju-Be on their website here.

Miraclesuit Swimwear

If you are buying for someone who enjoys a good swim or who likes to go on holiday, then Miraclesuit Swimwear makes a fabulous gift!! It claims to have three times the holding power of a regular swimsuit, and I have to be honest it certainly gives me a bit more body confidence!! I gave birth to Hugo only five months ago, and it’s safe to say everything around my middle wiggles more than I’d like it to! I’ve put off going to the pool for a swim and even dread taking holidays because I just didn’t like the idea of wearing a swimsuit.

Miraclesuit Swimwear has really made me feel much more comfortable and happy in my own skin. It’s comfortable to wear and feels nice against your skin. These swimsuits are well made and will last for seasons to come making them the perfect gift. Find out more and choose the perfect swimsuit here.

VonShef 800W Black Stand Mixer

For any women in your life that like to make or cook in the kitchen the VonShef 800W Black Stand Mixer is an absolute must-have accessory. This stand mixer allows you to not only mix but knead and whisk as well! It’s powerful and resilient making it ideal for even the keenest baker but just as easy for an amateur to operate. The stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe making It easy to clean away once done! It has a sleek design that is available in different colours to suit any personality and what’s more, is it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Domu Food Mixer

Find out more about the VonShef 800W Stand Mixer and purchase your own here.

Nibbling Necklace

Mums with babies especially those due to be teething soon will appreciate the incredible Nibbling range. Nibbling has a beautiful selection of necklaces that double up as teethers for babies and young children. Each necklace is made with 100% non-toxic silicone which makes them safe and soft enough for babies to put into their mouths. They are both a fashionable item for a Mum to wear as well as being practical and helpful for teething babes.

Nibbkling Necklace

For safety and protection, each necklace is fitted with a breakaway clasp. You don’t have to worry about cleaning and sanitising the necklace either as they are dishwasher safe and can also be used in a steriliser! I love the Nibbling teething necklace designs and feel that they are comfortable and fun to wear with any outfit and a great choice to distract and soothe a teething baby. Check out the full range of teething products by Nibbling on their website here.

YOLO – Your Own Life Organised

A great and practical Christmas gift that any woman is sure to love is the YOLO Organiser & Bedside Book Bundle. Priced at £32.99, you get an organiser and bedside book that is sure to kick 2018 off in the right direction.

YOLO Organiser & Bedside Book Bundle Contents:

  • The Organiser: Get organised with a diary, meal planner to do and shopping list sections all inside a vibrant A5 book.

Yolo Organiser

  • The Bedside Book: An A5 book perfect for recording all of your thoughts, feelings and goals journal style.

YOLO Bedside Book

I’m a huge paper and pen planner person, and I love the idea of bringing mindfulness into my organisation, so the YOLO Organiser & Bedside Book Bundle is the perfect gift for me. The pages are 100gsm so they feel high quality and it means you don’t get ink leakage or transfer. Both books are a handy size making them easy to take away while you travel or on your day to day errands. Find out more about YOLO and purchase your own Organiser here.

Philips SatinShave Prestige

General grooming can be a daily task for women so finding a tool that can make that simple and easy is essential, and the Philips SatinShave Prestige does precisely that. This electric shaver can be used either wet or dry depending on what you prefer. It’s comfortable enough to use every day if necessary however the multiflex head and dual foils mean that you miss fewer hairs so likely won’t need to! I love that you can quickly and safely use the shaver in the bath or shower, but it can also be used completely dry if you are in a mid-morning rush!

Philips Razor

The Philips SatinShave is lightweight with a sleek design making it easy to hold and reach even the most obscure of places. You can find out more and purchase your own from *Amazon here.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Gift Guide for women and it gave you some inspiration. Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides!

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