Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats with US Cereals

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

We have been enjoying a selection of cereal from one of the biggest cereal brands in the US. Not only have we been enjoying these cereals in the conventional way we have been making our very own Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats!

Malt-O-Meal S’mores & Marshmallow Mateys Cereal

I spent some time living in the US and one of my favourite treats was their extensive range of cereal! Another thing I also loved was making a good S’more by the fire which is essentially a sweet cracker, chocolate and marshmallows toasted. I have a huge sweet tooth as does Henry my son but this was his first encounter with these US favourites.

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

We tried Malt-O-Meal S’mores cereal which tastes just like homemade S’mores with chunks of chocolate and marshmallow. Henry really enjoyed this one and it is even more delicious served with warm milk!

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

Creepy Crunch Halloween TreatsWe have also been enjoying Marshmallow Mateys which is a delicious sweet anchor shaped cereal with jewel marshmallows!

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

Henry and I both had fun making our Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats. They are so simple and easy to create but make the perfect addition to Halloween!


  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Plain Round Biscuits
  • Cooking Chocolate – Melted
  • S’mores & Marshmallow Mateys Cereal


  1. Fill ice cream cones with the cereal of your choice.

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats


  1. Pipe the melted chocolate around the opening of the ice cream cone.

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

  1. Place a round biscuit on top of the melted chocolate and allow to set.

Creepy Crunch Halloween Treats

Now you have some mini witch hats that you can decorate as you will. They make the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween party or a great option for Trick-or-Treaters.

The great news is these cereals are now available nationwide in Tesco & Morrisons Supermarkets and online in Ocado. You can find more recipes like this on the Post Consumer Brands website.

Have you tried any of these US cereals? What were your thoughts?

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I was sent both cereals on a gifting basis to recreate these Creepy Crunch Halloween treats. As always words, opinions and views are my own! For more information on this please visit this page.


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