Hugo Is Two – Birthday’s in Lockdown

Hugo is two boy in a toy car

Whenever I write about Hugo, I always say that I can’t believe how fast the time has gone – I honestly can’t. I felt like the moment we decided to try for another baby, a whirlwind engulfed me, and I’ve never quite been able to step-free. Although we are living in a crazy world right now the time is still rolling on, and that meant that Hugo turned two!

Lockdown Birthday’s

Last year I planned to throw a huge party for Hugo’s first birthday. We were going to have it at home in the garden with our nearest and dearest friends. It never happened. Our garden needed digging up and drainage installing, and the work was scheduled a week before Hugo’s birthday. So, unfortunately, the grass wouldn’t be established enough, and therefore I deferred the party until the following year. It just so happens that he wasn’t meant to have a party for his second birthday either as this year his birthday has been spent in lockdown!!

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I think I knew that we would still be locked down for Hugo’s birthday, so it wasn’t a shock or surprise, but it was still quite overwhelming. I was nervous that his gifts wouldn’t arrive on time or that I wouldn’t be able to source ingredients to make him a cake. It certainly wasn’t the second birthday we planned, but we made the most of it, and he had a lovely day!

Hugo is Two

It feels like a hot minute ago when I was documenting Hugo turning one. I remember his birth and how he brought us such love and joy, changing the dynamic in a way I would never have imagined. I think back to the early days where he suffered from CMPA and Silent Reflux. It was hard. He didn’t really sleep, and I spent the days exhausted.

Now that he is two, he is walking, talking and interacting with his own personality. It’s a fascinating phase seeing him growing and learning, and I am trying to soak up every moment I can. Nowadays he goes to bed at six. It seems early, and Henry never went to bed before seven, but he is ready at that time and takes himself off to his room if we are running behind schedule!! He moved out of our room a few months ago, and since then he has been sleeping really well. I feel like I deserve these long sleeps now because I spent the first year of his life running on caffeine fumes most of the time!!

Hugo is two boy opening present

One thing I really adore is the relationship and bond between Hugo and Henry. If you followed me throughout my pregnancy, you will know that I worried tirelessly about how Henry would cope with a new addition to the family. I am so proud of the big brother he has become, and Hugo absolutely adores him. It’s weird to imagine a life before Hugo now.

The Future

I do hope that we get to immerge from lockdown soon and celebrate Hugo’s birthday with friends and family. He has changed so much in the three months we have been at home. Hugo is a very social being, and he loves the interaction with people on the school run or out and about in shops. He is missing that terribly, and I do hope that we soon reach a level of safety where this is possible again. Despite our yearning to go off in the world again, we are all happy, safe antogether, so for that we are grateful and blessed.

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Love as always!

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