Welcome back to my weight loss journey of 2023 – it’s time for my week three update, but I will be entirely honest with you and say that this post is far later than planned! In reality, this post should have gone live last week, but I was juggling lots of balls, and I struggled to make headway in all the right places. Apologies to anyone who thought I had just completely fallen off the wagon – it wouldn’t be the first time I had failed by week three, but luckily, it isn’t the case. My eldest is about to finish primary school, and as a result, he has lots of transition days and end-of-year activities that have kept us all busy! Combined with the other standard mum duties, juggling work, keeping house and two dogs, I have just failed to organise my time efficiently enough! I’m getting back on track now, though, so keep your eyes peeled because week four will also be coming in the next couple of days! 

Weight Loss Progress

If you have been following along, you will know that I started a weight loss journey of calorie counting after much deliberation over whether another attempt at Slimming World was worth it or not. So far, I am finding calorie counting easy and unrestrictive. Once I worked out my maintenance calories and deducted 500 calories, I knew that I was in a good space to be losing each week steadily. 

For me, this journey isn’t about speed but success. I know the only way I will be successful in reaching my target is to do it in a manner where I won’t push myself too far. Like many people, I have a habit of pushing myself to unrealistic expectations that just aren’t sustainable. Then, when I can no longer keep up that level of depravity, I feel like a failure and completely throw the towel in. This results in a whole load of binge eating and subsequent weight gain. I figure if I am going to be successful, then I need to take a different approach and concentrate on moving forward, even if it is slower than I would like. 

This seems like a suitable time to remind anyone embarking on a weight loss journey that health should always be paramount. It is always advised that you seek advice in the first instance from a GP or healthcare professional so that you can have the most appropriate information suitable to your individual healthcare needs. 

How Has Week Three Gone?

Now I am into the third week of this weight loss journey; I feel as if I am settling into the rhythm and routine quite well. Calorie counting is completely unrestricted; as long as I stay within my calorie amount, I can eat whatever I like. Of course, the majority of the focus should be on calories with a balanced nutritional value – a total calorie allowance spent on chocolate isn’t going to bode well! However, I can still incorporate some treats, which I wouldn’t be able to do as easily if following a more restrictive plan. I log everything using a calorie counter app which makes life on the go so much easier. 

I also planned to do 10,000 steps a day, and last week, I expressed how I had struggled to hit that goal each day. I really did push myself to get up from the computer this week and achieve that goal. Not only is this good for achieving my weight goals, but from a mental health aspect, it is important too. 

Week Three Results

This week I lost a total: 1.7kg (3.7 lbs), which gives me a total weight loss so far of 6kg (13.2 lbs) so far. My goal weight is 68kg, and another week’s loss puts me on target for achieving that. 

Already I can see a difference in my face and the fit of my clothes. I am currently weighing daily using scales that monitor fat loss and muscle gain alongside just a weight figure. I find weighing every day gives an overall picture of what is happening each week. A side note to anyone planning to do that – the figures vary dramatically. One day I can say I have increased on the scale, but if I am accurately staying below my maintenance calories, that is impossible. It can feel like a blow, though, and makes you doubt everything, but once you get used to it and become accepting of that figure fluctuating, it loses all power over you. 

Plan For Next Week

Next week is more of the same. Plan meals in advance, log everything I eat, and try to hit those 10,000-step targets daily. I have received lots of messages from people asking to see images of my body and the changes that are happening. The truth is these blog posts are being written a couple of weeks after the actual weight loss. I am actually two weeks ahead of this blog post right now, and as a result, it means images taken today will not be an accurate representation of my weight journey. From now on, I am taking photographs to include, and they will be added to the upcoming blog posts that correlate with the image. I hope that makes sense!

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